Sunday, 8 August 2010

Is Star Trek Voyager Good For You?/Hung Parliament The Musical


This is a new blog that I'm having a go at (almost reluctantly) as I really don't think the World needs one more but I want to see if I can commit myself to some regular writing. It has no purpose, no aim, is not aligned to any particular group or opinion and may possibly be of interest occasionally. For now all I have is a couple of ads for you. Having not really written anything significantly new for a couple of years I now find myself in the company of two one-hour live shows that I didn't have a week ago.

ISTVGFY? is an exceptionally geeky comedy "Lecture" that has a "One night only" gig this coming Thursday at The Roundhouse Studio Theatre in Camden, London, England. Tickets are £7.50 from here

HPTH has a fortnight run at The Edinburgh Festival from August 16th to 28th and is a mixture of topical stand up and a few songs about the recent general election and its outcome. It's at 2.30pm every day at base (Venue 56) on Cowgate and it's FREE to get in. There's a bit more information here:

It would be lovely to see some people turn up to these shows and I'll be interested to see how they're received as they're both significant departures for me, really. Hmm.

I imagine my next blog will be a little more interesting. Hopefully.

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