Friday, 13 August 2010

One down...

OK, so Brian and I finally performed "Is Star Trek Voyager Good For You?" tonight at The Roundhouse Studio Theatre as part of The Camden Fringe. Six years thinking about it, eight months developing it and what turned out to be the last seventy two hours writing it.

We had approximately six times the amount of people in the room that I expected and thanks to Brian's ad-libbing skills we got round the fact that he hadn't actually had time to look over any of his script until two hours beforethe gig and we appear to have got away with it. Most people left happy - even the blind fella and his (ridiculously calm) guide dog.

The Romulan Ale (Well, supermarket-derivative WKD bitch piss) was well received and I was pleased to frugally get fifty small cups of it out of three bottles. Student parties were not in vain. The international audience (Swedish, American, Brummie) kept up with most of the banter but I think everyone got a little lost on our more conceptual pieces towards the end of the show (That sounds a bit more wanky than it actually is). Fortunately there were enough photo shopped pictures of a dubiously naked Seven Of Nine for anybody to really mind. Live Long And Prosper.

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