Sunday, 10 October 2010

...In which I spend a day doing what other people do on holiday and a night doing what they don’t.

I got up! I woke up! I was out of the house by 2pm! It was Sunday! We could eat! Steve was over the moon to get me out of bed and in to the restaurant at the bottom of our street within fifteen minutes. This part of Sardinia has very long Siestas and if you’re not sat and eating by 2pm you will be waiting until 7pm. This was the first time we had achieved this and Steve took full advantage by ordering everything on the menu, which arrived in a strange order so we ate (In order) spaghetti, antipasto di terre, a plate of tomatoes, grilled aubergines and calamari. We also only drank water (a new first). Then we went to the beach where I said we would keep walking until we saw Sandra in a bikini. We kept walking and then when we saw Sandra in a bikini we sat down next to her. Then PMB and the rest of her house showed up and sat down as well. They all sat silently for an hour whilst Steve and I went through our list of celebrity “Would I?”s with each other from Ursula Andress to Dannii Minogue before we both agreed on Siena Miller.

You are not dreaming this – I did actually behave like a relatively human being for a couple of hours. We chilled out on our balcony for a while, washed in cold water and walked up to the pizzeria which was the return venue for tonight’s show. I was down to interview Paolo from the Rippers, Jerome from Crash Normal and Alexandra from Hangee 5. I did all three things.  I also managed to eat some pasta and talk civilly to various people including the Danes, the neighbours, Bjorn the Norwegian with the odd dreadlocks, Corallo the Sardinian guy who looks like an Apache and his younger version whose name escapes me but who had asked Steve if we were a couple. I suggested that maybe Steve and Corallo would possibly make a better couple and this was their response:

(Steve is the one who looks like the scalpee rather than the scalper Then the first band started – they were a two-piece Sicilian band. She had a great voice and played guitar really well. He was also playing guitar (with his hands) and the drums (With his feet) at the same time. They played a kind of country/blues/garage set and really got everyone going. I accidentally ordered a litre of red wine and a litre of white wine, drank the red one, gave a glass of white to Sandra and then took the rest of the jug to the front of the stage where I consumed it (without the need for a glass) as the next band, Hangee 5 played in front of me and one of them played the keyboards with his arse. Oddly, Way Y los Arrghs were there as well, even though they had played the night before. I spoke to their guitarist who is massive with a shock of frizzy hair and an awesome moustache. I said to him “Mate! You were fantastic last night!” He said “We will be even better tonight”.


Not oddly then.

They were on again.

Nobody tells me anything at this festival.

Hangee 5 were great – a real traditional 60s garage band. They looked just right, played just right and combined garage numbers with surf instrumentals just right. Alexandra was also a truly awesome drummer. After the show I interviewed her and she gave me their latest 7” single which I promptly spilled wine on. We wiped it off, she laughed it off and I should probably have been more apologetic than I actually was but I was laughing too hard at how quickly I had managed to fuck this (albeit platonic) relationship up with a woman. We had talked for ten minutes, she gave me a present, I poured a drink over it and we said our goodbyes. Efficient, even by my standards...

Anyway, here's a pic of Hangee 5 with Alexandra obscured

And one with her exposed (And the back of the head of the guitar player from Wau Y Los Arrrghs).

The funny little Swiss guys looked conspiratorial but I couldn’t say for sure because I never spoke to them.

Wau Y Los Arrrghs played again and were indeed even better than the night before.  Apparently there was a thunderstorm while they were on and lightning flashes surrounded the restaurant but I have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever. All I remember is the audience surrounding the band on three sides and everyone being a part of the show. By now I was on the birra, the vino rosso and the mirto, things were getting blurry and it was probably time for bed. I don’t remember a thing about the last band but they were apparently very good and I have also completely missed out the third band but their guitar player also had some of my wine out of the jug while they were doing a song that I don’t think he liked very much. I can’t remember a thing about them. I am told that I stayed up and talked with people until at least 6am. All I remember is “Fafafafafafafafa Ja Ja Ja! JA!”.

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